Greetings all! About time I finally decided to see if the guild had a forum. I'm bored at work so this might ramble.

About Me
My name is Seth. I've been a part of the guild for a little while now since around release 23 and been playing sota since release 18.

A quick run down of me personally is rather simple. I'm a game nerd, MTG geek, have an unhealthy obsession with dragons, a healthy relationship with my wife, I'm pretty adept with a sword, my daughter's life and death defined who I became, and I do a lot of writing. Wanna know more? ASK! I'm not really shy about talking about my life.

By sheer luck I managed to save up to the Knight tier pledge, however what I was hoping for was the Lord tier. The lord tier house is strangely reminiscent of an old childhood home (and boy am I still bitter about not being able to get it).

My father was a tester for Ultima Online way back in the day so I used to play UO religiously. Now I'm here in Shroud. Feels like home.

About My Character
I play a male named Seth Dracovitch. I always gravitate towards the Arcane Warrior/Eldritch Knight play style so I'm currently running around with a sword casting magic right up in people's faces while I cut them to bits. Death, Fire, and Air fill out my spell roster for a nice mix of stun, aoe, and life drain. Seems to be working well with the swordplay woven in between.

My little "Knight Cube" keep is located just down the road from Phoenixfyre manor in Port Phoenix. I intend to sell alchemy stuff- recall and teleport scrolls, potions, gems, etc. I currently have a bunch of odds and ends such as backer rewards, weapons and armor I don't use anymore, furniture, etc as well. Do come on down to Seth’s Emporium of EVERYTHING and take a look!

Aaaand that's me! Feel free to add me as a friend or chat whenever I actually post in guild chat!