The Following list are the laws and rules of our town which all citizens and visitors are expected to live by. This is a working version, and will be altered and expanded based on the input of our citizenry.

  1. No individual shall steal from a citizen of Port Phoenix.
  2. No individual shall participate in any activity specifically intended to harm, grief or offend a citizen or visitor of the town while inside the confines of the city.
  3. No citizen of the city shall build on their lot anything which specifically serves to grief, offend or otherwise disturb our citizenry.
  4. All citizens of Port Phoenix are expected to respect the developers, moderators and GM's in game and out of game at all times.
  5. All citizens are expected to treat all other citizens with fairness and respect.
  6. All citizens are expected to act as representatives of our towns values and community when outside our city walls.

All individuals in violation of these rules are subject to a punishment determined by the Sheriff or the collective judgement of the Court of the Phoenix. Final veto power over punishment or Port Phoenix Citizenry rests in the hands of Kazyn Phoenixfyre or someone duly appointed to represent him by proxy.