I have been contacted by a person on AirBNB which has an excellent place in Decatur a few minutes drive from the blue line MARTA station. This would be an ideal location, it also has 2 king beds, 2 queen beds and a double bed in the house itself. It would mean everyone that we could reserve this place and have a place for everyone to sleep. 

The total for this house right now will be just over 1,000 which is a considerablly lower rate than originally budgeted for. There are at least one or two other places opening up for 1-1.5k for a booking of August 31-September 6. It is highly reccomended we push for funding and getting this locked down NOW.

We will be working out a plan to try and lock in a place on the weekend of the 15th if at all possible, but as a gentle reminder this may  mean some of these deals like the place i have been contacted by may be gone by then. 

I am lowering the initial goal to 1500 for these reasons above and pushing for us to get as MUCH of this goal as possible obtained ASAP. PLEASE get the word out, and let's rally together and get a place locked down to get that stress off of us. I am willing to put as much as I can towards this goal, but as you all probably know i can only do so much. 

Grimace This is great news! Sept 2– Sept 5, 2016 ....only 60 days