First, I wanted to stop and remind everyone that we have achieved the funding we were looking for in order to acquire a house at DragonCon. We actually have updated to a better house and are now planning ahead for the future stuff for DragonCon. Shooter Jennings will be performing there, so it should be exciting! 

Also, let's all take a moment to celebrate... PERSISTENCE IS HERE! Because of that, here are a few reminders:

  • If you are looking for a lot in Port Phoenix specifically please either post in the forums in the designated thread or let me know with a forum PM. We have a LOT of people who have been signing up so please contact me early and check back in often as your lot placement arrives. 
  • Thanks to Elgarion we have a Keep lot up in Port Phoenix with rights and permissions for everyone in the guild to be able to use the crafting stations and place a chest for your own personal stuff. This way you are not living out of a bank! But PLEASE remember to make your chests private and PLEASE remember to be respectful and understanding of everyone else there. There could be quite a few at any one time. 
  • As of Weds-Thurs we will be moving the lot and the associated permissions from Elgarions lot to the Capitol building where we will maintain this as we start to build out the town and guild headquarters. 
  • There is a donation chest in Elgarion's lot for all those that wish to donate items and resources to the town. This has been a popular request and we do thank everyone for their excitement to donate and help out, however I want to remind everyone this is NOT required! We ask nothing of our citizens other than just be good to each other and play the game you want to play the way you want to play it :)
  • Finally, we will begin having biweekly Alliance-wide meetings in game and in teamspeak starting Saturday, August 13. This meeting will take place during our typical social night hours at 8pm Eastern. 

That's it for now. Ill be making some forum posts soon with regards to planning for DragonCon and the like; I just wanted to drop this in here and get everyone on the same page. 


The High Priestess I am working Saturday night, so regretfully I am unable to attend.
Cordelayne Glad we are doing guild meetings. Unfortunately I will be in Las Vegas and will be unavailable for this first one.